Moon On Fire

by Moniker

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released May 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Moniker Temple, Texas

We're a rock band that has mixed elements of punk, classic butt rock, and metal to make a musical casserole that you can bang your head to.

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Track Name: Moon On Fire
Cross your hands and come to the other side
I want to see you tired
You can't get get your then turn back and hide
With a moon on fire

We can't look back with our hands tied
Our apologies always denied
Grab a hand with me tonight
Let's watch the world end tonight

repeat verse 1

Moon on Fire, Moon on Fire, Moon on Fire
Track Name: Corner Of Confusion
Everyone dresses the same but it won't effect my mood
I need some type of insurance for a sickness that will soothe

Even If you're ugly, even if you're uptight, I promise to be simple, All the flies are gone, please let me know if I get too close...get too close

I can't stand a person who's normal but, I don't want to feel ashamed
I guess purchase a new reason to make me look insane

Track Name: Kaleidoscope
Like a deer in rut, hormones going up, feeling very lost now, how much does maybe cost,
verteran of pain, medicine of gain, inflicting flesh with, insults of the best,

Need something more, need something, I'm not the only one who needs your air, need a feeling soon, my actions were to soon, kaleidoscope of goals, nowhere to go, yeah...

Freedom is obscene, in your crooked dream, filling up the past with, all your perfect trash, might as well go home, chew the broken bone, clean up my mess, nothing to confess

Track Name: Here's To The Natives
The love has gone away, a special service in its place, the rent is going up, loyal tyrants have had enough

Here's to the natives, fighting for all the land, this song's not about you, it's about the one's who care....who cares?

A feeling of regret, has not gone to full effect, the weak will have their time, blood will spill and won't be kind

repeat verse 1
Track Name: Pretty Little Witch
She's got the black dress with the high heels, and those black finger nails, she's the scratch that used to itch, she's my pretty little witch.

She's got the red hair and those nice, heart stops when she bites those lips,
she's the scratch that used to itch she's my pretty little witch.

She's got the charm, she's got the magic, to keep you warm, to keep you in check


pretty little witch, pretty little witch

She's got the charm, she's got the magic, to keep you warm, to keep you in check

pretty little witch, pretty little witch
Track Name: Make Me
Make a river so I can swim, skin is cold and bare
Make me a mountain so I can climb, I hope to meet you there

Gone away from logic, why do I feel this way
Clinging to your every move, please understand me, I wanna be with you

Make me a garden so I can grow, wet from the gentle rain
Make me a forest so I can run, to a place that I can't explain


Creature with angel wings, speaking straight to me, I reached my hand to touch her face, but all she did was went to sleep


Make me a tree so I can breathe, standing underneath the shade
Make me an animal so I can love, and enjoy each coming day