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released June 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Moniker Temple, Texas

We're a rock band that has mixed elements of punk, classic butt rock, and metal to make a musical casserole that you can bang your head to.

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Track Name: Living Autopsy
Let me off in a hell of reduction
I don’t want your useless affection
Kill me now if you seek a confession
You’ll get my feelings with a small incision

I never wanted your apathy
Never wanted your sympathy
Just a loner with complacency
Living Autopsy

Your opinions don’t mean a thing to me
I didn’t ask for a friendship anyway
I’m better off if I don’t say a thing
Fuck you prophet hiding behind a screen

Never wanted your apathy
Never wanted your complacency
Just a loner where the lights can’t see
Living autopsy
Track Name: La Desolate
Gritting teeth at night
Killing pain with hops
Floating in the haze
Where my heart is lost

I think I’m better off alone
I better off my thinking home
I think my better time is gone
I know I’m better off a groan

Wasting all my time
In a wishing jar
My eyes are failing me
With a future so far

Never speak a word
A message pretty clear
Don’t talk to me
Unless you disappear

Track Name: Universal Scold
In another numbered life
Reproducing screaming mics
Make the racket that you’re told
Or bear the universal scold

I’m giving you something, you’re giving me nothing
I’m giving you something, you’re giving me shit
I’m giving you something, you’re giving me nothing
I’m giving you something, you’re giving me shit

It’s a fraud, but I like it still
Please determine if I’m real
Plastic, porcelain junk theory
Could be wrong with my bad hearing
Track Name: Vernal Wave Burden
I let you in my garden
I let you in my house
I let you in my flower
A secretory douse

Can’t stop the wave

I let you touch my stamen
I let you clean my leaf
I let you grow a burden
A fertility sheath
Track Name: Embolism
In the hallway, I am staring, at the ceiling sad
If you love me, why are you going, out of my control?

I’m not scared of dying, but I am afraid of living in misery
I know it’ll get to me, Sometimes I need to change the way I think

I am crying, I’m mourning, reminiscing pain
When I look down, at the ground, it is profound stone

Sometimes I see a smile
Sometimes I see a sign
Sometimes I hate the sun
Sometimes I think I’m done

Let me be me in my hateful soul
It’s the only thing that makes me go
I don’t have many wants, but that’s ok
I want to die with something to say
Track Name: A Serenade That Will Heal
In the dark it waits for you
It says to you to speak clearly
To love dearly
To be noticed
Stay focused
It’s now your turn
Your life to burn
So contemplate
A serenade that will heal

I will not be sacrificed
I cannot be plasticized
I hate you
I love you
I hate you
I love you
Track Name: Obsolete
The sun is burning on my spine
The earth is brooding at my feet
Insult me and put me down
How can you smile when I frown?

I hate the way you breathe your hate
I hate the way you kill my soul

My wilted brain is seeking truth
You make me feel obsolete
Why don’t you lie to one more fool?
So you display your next jewel
Track Name: Absence
Get me out of my funk
Living under your thumb
Absence of myself
Free me from my hell

You didn’t want it
You didn’t need it
Can you bleed it?
Here’s a Kleenex

Searing feelings are old
Burn out put your skills on hold
Tired of don’t know it all pricks
Let’s write a song with our dick

So I looked at my watch and it said, “get a job’’, and then I talked to my shrink and he said, “ get an original idea.” I told him, “Look, I can’t clean your mess up with good intentions. Being nice to everything is a waste of time because you’re always going to piss someone off.

Track Name: Passive-Passive
I don’t know how to explain the faces in your mirror
If there’s a heaven and a hell, I would like to stay here, here, here

Well maybe cliché is better than your own way
Dissolving all of our own pills so we won’t get a taste, taste, taste

Feeding on, Malted Tums


Feeding on, Malted Tums

Why do we bury the dead?
Another question for the Fed
Mary had a little wine
This explains our false divide
Track Name: Norman Bates
I don’t have better things to do, whoa
I want to see inside you, whoa
Let me cut into your skin
So I can keep you for myself

I want to live inside your head
I hear your thoughts before they’re said
Let me breathe inside your lungs
So I can understand myself

Can I preserve your empty shell?
And stick you on my shelf
Track Name: Aphrodisiac
I wish to see your shadow in the dark
Everybody’s living in a bar
We’re trying to forget our life away
Doing nothing is easy in the shade

I don’t want to be your pain
Love is an easy way to hide
I don’t want to be your tool

Breathing in the fumes of the earth
Designating a new potential birth
Education of meaningless escape
We only want to be our own restraint

Elegance of defeated, empty minds
The riverbed is opting out with vines
Jealous daughters seek forbidden wrath
Violence is an aphrodisiac

We want to make our own decisions and we know it alright?
Track Name: Sea Of Hate
The only time I see is when darkness supersedes
I cower to a dream, a story I believe is one without pain

And she speaks, and he breathes a breath of lies

Time will never tell why you hate yourself
Cry a lonesome tune to erase the thought of you,
Because I am ashamed of me

Enemies, and it bleeds, a sea of hate

I will right, what I’ve done
Not contrived, if you like

Give me, give me, give me, give me life